Mesotherapy threads Reandne, GTG Wellness

Reandne GTG - Mesotherapy threads  


        The physician embeds the absorbable PDO(Polydioxanone) threads into the area wherever you want lifting. It forms nets between a number of threads. They promote and proliferate the synthesis of collagen in the dermis while they are naturally absorbing into the tissue within 6-8 months. You may expect V-line shaping, increase of skin elasticity, and smoother skin tone. This new technology shows immediate result as it lasts a long period of time up to 2 years using safest threads in medical grade.   


- Instant result : You can see the lifting and firming effect right after the procedure.

- Long lasting : The lifting effects can last upto 1-2 years.

- Safety : CE approved, KFDA Class IV approved ( safest material )

- Convenience : Can return to daily activities right after procedure. Walk in-Walk out procedure.

- Safe Procedure

- Non-Surgical

- Shorter procedure time

- Only topical anesthesia is required due to less pain

- Go back to the routine activity immediately

- Immediate effect (After 3~4 days of procedure)